Sunday, August 20, 2023

Starting again, and again, and again, and again

 Every time I start knitting a baby blanket I have about a million attempts, reminded each time that I can’t count. 

To make things worse I’ve actually knit this whole blanket but wasn’t happy with how it came out so I’m redoing it. But I think I knit these same 2 rows at least four times yesterday. And at 280+ stitches a pop that’s not nothing!

Offending rows

Now first of all many of you may notice the orange “markers” I have to count my stitches. It’s every 20 stitches (aka 10 double knit stitches) and apparently I can’t count to 20. 

The extra astute among you may realize that the pattern is simply alternating from one color to the other. One purl, and one knit, then switch. Two stitches. 

How many times did it take me to get this right? At least three attempts. And of course if I screw up it’s always at the very beginning of the row so I can knit all of the first row and 90% of the second row before I noticed.

Basically what I’ve learned is I can’t count to two. TWO!! Like come on now, somehow I’m a functional human and I can’t even do the most basic task a toddler can?

Don’t mind me while I mutter in a corner to myself trying to keep my grip on sanity while I debate if I pull back those two rows stitch by stitch or rip it all out and cast on 280+ stitches again. And likely again and again and again. 

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