Sunday, August 20, 2023

Housebreaking regression part 2

 So we've been having a REAL problem with the housetraining. I think it’s tied to boarding, boarding has gotten her out of the habit maybe. Either way I’ve been trying to give treats outside and it hasn’t been working. 

Basically there is this one little carpet/area rug. She always goes on it. About once a day at this point. Random times too, often overnight or the morning, sometimes before her evening walk. We never see her doing it so I suspect it might be close to her walk time but we don’t know for sure. 

I’ve been diligently cleaning this one carpet with enzyme spray. Hasn’t worked. I put a towel underneath it to try to protect the floors. Eventually I picked up the carpet and left the towel. Dog pee. Thought maybe the towel smelled like pee from previous times peeing on the carpet so I put a clean towel down. Dog pee. 

I’m about ready to pull my hair out over this. She’s still getting treats for peeing outside, she pees every walk. She still pees inside. Always in this one spot. 

My last hope is I got a spray from Amazon that’s supposed to prevent marking and paid for same day delivery. I’m hoping I can put a clean towel down, spray the heck out of it morning and evening, and break the habit she seems to have gotten herself in or peeing there. Otherwise I’ll have to resort to using the crate a bunch. 

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