Friday, July 21, 2023

Small rant - dog kibble subscriptions

 Why is it that every shop of speciality kibble seems to want you to sign up for an expensive subscription plan?

I’m looking to try to get Cashew a kibble to use for training treats so she can get some nutrition and I can train more without feeling bad. I don’t trust these brands that haven’t gone through the same studies to feed her full time, but something like unkibble from spot and tango seems like it could be an appealing treat. However when I go to the website they want info to sign me up for a plan, I can’t just buy a bag. I don’t want a whole plan!

So she’s probably just going to get some different brand of standard kibble because I can’t find any freeze dried or other that looks good and is easy to obtain. Seems counterproductive to make your product hard to get, but I guess maybe the hope is once people sign up for a subscription they won’t cancel. So I’ll just try a Hills dental kibble, maybe it’ll help her teeth too. 

Don’t get me wrong, love the auto ship subscription from Chewy, but I can choose what goes in that and they just automate the shipping for me. I can switch out her kibble or cancel anytime and buy a different bag of something if I want.

Rant over!

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