Sunday, July 23, 2023

House training regression

Picture of the culprit, who feels no remorse

 We got Cashew from the rescue about four months ago now. She came housebroken (thankfully, it was a requirement of mine since we live on the 9th floor) and was thought to be about 7 months old. 

As expected we had a few accidents at first. She peed on quite a few carpets and seemed drawn to the bathroom where she peed and pooped on the bath mats a few times. We ended up keeping the door to the bathroom closed to eliminate that temptation and gave her treats outside when she went and she caught on quickly. 

Since the first month or so she has had no accidents until last week. Out of nowhere she peed on the carpet twice. So we went back to giving treats outside and all seems good again. Not sure if she just needed a reminder/refresher, it seemed like she understood the concept. We’re back to no treats outside since frankly she’s difficult to give treats to after she goes, she tends to zoom kick her back legs and then zoom around a bit out of reach. 

All that being said, she did pee in our bed at first until she started sleeping with us, but one of our blankets now definitely smells like pee. There’s no stain so I’m not sure how it happened, and it’ll be a much bigger pain to wash than the sheets since I’m not sure it will fit in the machine. So maybe we’re not as fixed as I thought with the house training. 

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