Thursday, December 28, 2023

Frustration in dog training handled poorly

So last night Cashew had one of her meltdowns when not getting to see another dog. I thought we had been getting better about this, but of course she saves her biggest outbursts of barking and lunging at full volume (I think it is frustrating at being restrained because she wants to see the dog so badly, but then she doesn't sound friendly) for nighttime when she will wake the neighbors.

And this was on top of the frustration of her barely eating any kibble as I'm trying to switch back to that for training and she wasn't happy about it.

Now there are many ways to handle this, and I'm sure I did it poorly. I am still new to dog training and sometimes my emotions get the better of me. So while she is lunging and causing a racket, I was saying her name in a frustrated tone and popping the leash. I doubt this helped the situation, if anything it might have escalated it, but I was not in a mindset to ignore, especially with it being nighttime and her not shutting up.

I feel bad about this, but I have to remember that while she is having a hard time with things, so am I. She is a much more difficult dog than I anticipated and this was on top of a stressful holiday season where she acted her normal, which was different than how I hoped she might. Ultimately I think we both need a bit of forgiveness.

Thankfully even at her most frustrating, Cashew is pretty darn adorable. Here she is after we got home from her outburst, ready for bed (and stealing the middle of my side as per usual)

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