Tuesday, September 5, 2023

Weekend of finishes

I actually finished some stuff! I know, crazy concept. But it did happen and I’ll show the proof!

First off was this kit by LucaS. I’ll probably do a full review later, overall I really like their kits. The thread seems high quality and was easy to work with, not to mention I ended up with tons of most of the colors left over. 

As a horse lover, even though I’m not big into horse shows, I couldn’t resist this kit. I stayed up late Friday to finish it which seemed like excellent timing as the American eventing championships were this past week. One of my riding instructors horses and a girl from my barn got 11th in their division which is amazing and seemed so fitting for this. 

My second finish was a kit by Vervaco. I actually had 90% of this done for months but had run out of two colors needed to finish. This might have been my fault as I was stitching in a not particularly thread conservative manor, and their customer service was very friendly and offered to send more or give me the DMC numbers for just true colors I ran out of, which is what I ended up opting for. Then of course the craft store only had one of the colors 🙄 so it took me quite a while to get the colors and finish it up. But here it is

He’s adorable. I have some more cute kits from vervaco, so I’ll see if I run out of thread on those before passing an opinion on them or writing a full review on their kits. 

Lastly it’s going to be in the mid 90s this week, which is the perfect time to try to channel fall vibes, so I had a bit of a new start. A cozy autumn kit by Riolis that so far is stitching up fast, though it reminded me I hate back stitching. 

Due to the aforementioned heat, I choose to cancel my horse back riding lesson this week. So while the lack of ponies is tragic, I might have more time to stitch this assuming I also make some good progress on the never ending blanket  

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